Tiffany Szemplinski

At 5'5" and the definition of easy on the eyes, most people write her off as just a pretty girl who CrossFits, until they see how damn good she actually is. Five years ago she was doing push-ups on her knees. Today, she's one of the best CrossFitters on the planet. With a 240# Clean & Jerk, 185# Snatch, and a "Diane" time of 2-minutes flat - she can do it all. In 2014 she finished "The Open" 11th Overall; 15th at Regionals. In 2015 she finished The Open 10th Overall; 4th at Super-Regionals; and 12th at the 2015 CrossFit Games. Most people call her "Panda" - and she'll forever be the original #FITERNITYgirl.

Vinny Casey

At just 22 years of age, this kid athletic ability is way beyond his years. In 2015 (at the age of 20) he finished 12th Overall in "The Open"; and 25th at Super-Regionals. In the 2016 Wodapalooza Qualifer he finished 8th Worldwide, earning his spot to compete in the Men's Elite Division up against some of the best CrossFitters on the planet. His future is bright, his personality is contagious, and we forgot to mention he's an absolute monster. His 355# Clean & Jerk, 285# Snatch, and 30 unbroken Muscle-Ups proves he not only lifts weight well, but he moves phenomenally-well too.